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Make an education possible

& invest in the future of Cambodia

Join our work in giving Cambodia a brighter future, from the ground up. Just $60/month feeds and sends an at-risk child to school. Yet this gift is much more than just an education; it is hope, a future, support, and a life-changing investment.

Donate a one-time gift, or choose to give monthly and change lives all year long. Either way, know that you are giving lasting change.

Sponsors will receive biannual reports linking them to life and events at the sponsored child's school.  

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What your sponsorship provides:

The practical results of giving

high quality, engaging 


transportation to make education possible

uniforms, books, and all other school supplies

a safe learning environment, and a bright future

an education centered around Christian values

What your sponsorship means:

A few examples of how your giving changes the future of Cambodia

a variety of options for the future

breaking the cycle of poverty

improved health standards

more opportunities for women

School start-ups

Contact us for more information about our vision to start more schools in Cambodia's rural areas

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